2006/08 MA Design Products, Royal College of Art, London, UK
1998/03 Degree in Industrial Design, Faculty of Fine Arts – University of Lisbon (FBAUL),


2008 Nowhere/Now/Here – LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, Gijon, Spain
         SHOW RCA – Royal College of Art, London, UK
         DMY - International design festival (platform 10), Berlin, Germany
2007 Design MADE 2007: Hangaram Design Museum - SAC, Seoul, South Korea
         New Moves - Artemide Tasklight Redesign: Aram Gallery, London, UK
         Slow water, design festival, Royal College of Art, London, UK
         SLEEPLESS at the Great Eastern Hotel, London, UK
2005 [P] – Portuguese Design from 1990 to 2005: ExperimentaDesign2005/Lisbon
         Biennale, Lisbon, Portugal
         Top Drawer Autumn: The Grand Hall Olympia, London, UK
         EXPOHOGAR, Barcelona, Spain
2004 1990/2004 Architettura e Design del Portogallo – Architecture and Design of
: Trienalle de Milano, Milan, Italy
         Designwise 2.0 vs. Diseño INJUVE 2003, Lisbon, Portugal
         Portugal Door Between Tradition and Future, Vienna, Leopold Museum
2003 S*Cool” – A Selection of Projects Developed on Design Courses:
         ExperimentaDesign2003/Lisbon Biennale, Lisbon, Portugal
         Voyager 03: ExperimentaDesign2003/Lisbon Biennale, Barcelona, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon
         Young Designer Award 2002 by ICEP, Lisbon, Portugal
2002 DesignWise, Fabrica Features Store, Lisbon, Portugal
         Näyteikkuna - Shopwindow: Artek Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
         Voyager – A Modular Exhibition by Experimenta, Barcelona, Spain